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Welcome to Anima Botanica

Everything here at Anima Botanica is done with our passionate devotion to body-mind-spirit harmony within and with it all. It is our sacred soulful mission to offer refreshment for the whole being.

We invite you to discover how empowered you can feel in body, mind and spirit as you bring your chosen Anima Botanica harmonic courses, sublime services and holistic wellness tools and into your life. 

At Anima Botanica we hold a vision of powerful well-being on the deepest level for all

Powerful transformation begins where you are 

Treat Yourself ... Body, Mind and Spirit

You'll find a divine line up of harmonizing whole-being integration tools in our premium collections below. Reveal, Feel, Heal, THRIVE.

"Personal body-mind-spirit wellness care is a necessary and even radical act in a fragmented society... You in the full vitality of your authentic wholeness is the greatest gift you can bring to this world." ~ Aleli Estrada

Tune IN

We are all greater than the sum of our parts. When it's time to re-attune, find greater insight, clarity, strength, and harmony, you can call in the extra care you need with a Sacred Limpias session ... You can book your session now by clicking on this Sacred Services link.

Educate. Elevate.

We know you are a multi-faceted being, ever growing and expanding along your path in life.

You and your well-being are a treasure worth investing in.

We are so happy to offer you diamond quality courses in traditional lay herbal "medicine" making techniques, healing ways and mind-body-spirit wellness.

It is our passion and our mission to make whole being natural wellness wisdom common knowledge again in the world.

These special courses dive deep to bring you the golden insights that make a positive difference along your ever expanding journey through wellness, consciousness and living your best life.

We are honored and delighted to connect with you in such meaningful, simple yet profound ways.

We look forward to meeting you when the time is right for you to join in these wonderful personal growth adventures.

You can connect with and enroll in any or all of our illuminating educational offerings and immersion experiences with the links below as you treat yourself to the best in expanding your own higher conscious living. 

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