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 Natural Protection Quarantine has many of us asking different questions about ourselves, society and how to stay healthy in a complex, uncertain and changing world. With the global population moving more activity of modern living online than ever before, have you found yourself increasingly concerned with how all this extra time on computer screens and electronic devices may be affecting your health? Or with all the public safety protocols being primarily focused on using masks and chemical sanitizers, do you wonder what natural tools you can add to your life that can increase your safety by boosting your immune health?...

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Want to hear a hilariously weird paradox? One of the keys to alertness and vibrant energy is deep relaxation! Yes, you heard it right, to do more, do less. It may sound strange to anyone who is trapped in the cycle of endless doing, grinding, hectic modern living and "efforting" to hear that relaxation brings boundless energy but...... Lets really think about this for a moment..... to unlock energy and great personal potentials one has to SURRENDER the WASTE of energy that is tension/anger, pain, fear, resistance , etc in order to unblock the infinite stream of free flowing energy...

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  Do you feel the call to work with the medicine and magic of plants? Have you been wanting to simply know more about how to keep yourself and loved ones well in natural ways? Always wanted to study herbs with beloved Herbalist, Aleli Estrada? Now is the time to listen to your own inner knowing, answer that call and sign up for this amazing experience! The Anima Botanica School of Harmonic Herbalism will be holding this special course in person just ONE TIME this year so you'll  want to be a part of this one for sure! This is...

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