Protect Yourself with Shungite... Building Modern Wellness from Ancient Ground

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Protect Yourself with Shungite... Building Modern Wellness from Ancient Ground

 Natural Protection

Quarantine has many of us asking different questions about ourselves, society and how to stay healthy in a complex, uncertain and changing world. With the global population moving more activity of modern living online than ever before, have you found yourself increasingly concerned with how all this extra time on computer screens and electronic devices may be affecting your health? Or with all the public safety protocols being primarily focused on using masks and chemical sanitizers, do you wonder what natural tools you can add to your life that can increase your safety by boosting your immune health? Immune system health does, after all, matter greatly.
I personally am always adding a small handful of the most effective health and natural wellness supports to my self care and wellness toolkit every year. This year has got me really focused in on purchasing and using only the very best.
 So are there any natural or ancient solutions to our current modern concerns?
There is one natural protective health tool from the ancient world that I think is highly useful in filling some of our unique modern pandemic wellness needs. This humble yet potent natural ally that we'll focus this article upon is a mineral called Shungite. 
raw shungite  - natural protection
The powerful natural mineral known as Shungite is thought to be one of the oldest substances on earth. It looks kind of like a little piece of hard charcoal. Unlike a raw coal carbon,  the Pre- Cambrian age non-crystalline and non-graphitized form of carbon "gemstone", Shungite, is characterized by a stability of its properties and its fullerenes content. Shungite was original found in a small village in Russia.  
In 1996 three scientists ( Robert F Curl Jr, Sir Harold W Kroto and Richard E Smalley ) won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for, among other things, their new discovery of fullerines. Fullerines ( which is named in honor of the pioneering systems theorist Buckminster Fuller ) are a highly evolved form of carbon and a major component of the gemstone Shungite. With the exception of a few rare meteorites, Shungite is the only known source of fullerenes on earth. Their prize winning discoveries in carbon and fullerenes were recognized as " achievements that have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind". Um, yeah, THAT's the level of great natural wellness tools I have in mind! So let's look deeper into what the fullerines in our natural mineral kingdom ally Shungite have to offer us for optimal self care...
above is a model of a fullerine molecule 

Natural Protection with Shungite

We as human beings in a modern tech-driven world are constantly exposed to a vast array of electro-magnetic frequencies ( aka EMFs ), especially for those of us who spend long hours on computers or cell phones. Various systems in our biology are electro magnetic in nature, such as our rhythmic heart beats, nervous system impulses, muscle cell and neuron activity, etc. These systems function and flow best when uninterrupted and set to specific calibrations.  
Shungite has sometimes been touted as the " Miracle Stone of the 21st Century".
Part of why I include Shungite as part of an essential wellness toolkit for modern times is that fullerines-rich Shungite has been shown to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress and to decrease harmful destabilizing environmental electromagnetic ( EMF ) emissions throughout our systems. Destabilizing EMFs may come from sources such as computers, electrical grids, Wi-Fi, cell-phones, domestic and industrial appliances, broadcasting signals, electronic devices and UVA rays. I mean, think about it, these frequencies are everywhere! According to some scientists, EMFs can affect your body's nervous system function contributing to symptoms like headaches, fatigue, anxiety states and nausea and can also cause damage to cells. These same scientists indicate that cancer and unusual growths may be one symptom of very high EMF exposure over long periods of time. On top of negative effects from EMFs, extra time on electronic devices expose us to disruptive blue light ( wearing blue light blocking glasses and/or utilizing red light therapy can help remediate some of the negative effects of excess blue light exposure ). The little black stone Shungite offers natural protection and helps naturally transform harmful manmade EMFs into wave forms that are more compatible with our biology. This makes adding Shungite to your self care toolkit especially useful as more time is spent online.
A second way Shungite is a natural ancient protector for modern times:
Shungite is a wonderful natural ally in helping to powerfully purify, mineralize and energize water. Water is the body's second most important nutrient ( the number one most important nutrient being air/ oxygen) and is the basis of Life on Earth. After all, a healthy human vessel is made up of nearly 70% water. And the quality of water we take in has a significant impact on many biological processes that contribute to overall health and well-being. Want a healthier body? Build a healthier water regimen. We require clean, high quality water to, among other things, flush out viruses and other disease processes from the body, especially in cases like the current pandemic.
There is sound scientific evidence of Shungite's potent water purifying properties. It is used for and been shown to be effective in the removal of many pathogenic bacteria, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, organic and inorganic toxins and heavy metals from contaminated water. Water that is filtered using Shungite is also found to contain natural antioxidants that scavenge and neutralize free radicals. I personally love that the fullerenes found in the natural stone Shungite are considered to be 172 more effective than any other antioxidant known to humankind making it a natural, simple, affordable and powerful self care support. Shungite is often used to boost energy and help alleviate insomnia.  Shungite purified water offers natural protection and is beneficial to cells and tissues and boosts natural immune function. Boosting immune function is a big part of the name of the wellness game, especially during times of pandemic! Purifying water with Shungite also raises the essential mineral content within the H2o structure ( such as magnesium, calcium and oxygen ). Plus fullerenes found in what's known as Elite or Noble Shungite transforms water into a living substance which has no acute or sub-acute toxicity.
Now that you know how beneficial Shungite can be for protecting your health during these times, here are 4 ways you can easily incorporate the natural protection of Shungite in your daily life:
  1.  One of the simplest and most effective ways to gain from the many benefits that Shungite has to offer is to use it to filter your water. You can make your own non-toxic, fullerene-rich Shungite water with purifying Elite Shungite stones.  Here  is a link for you where you'll find quality water purifying "Elite" or "Noble" Shungite stonesYou can find easy instructions for making your own purified Shungite water down below toward the end of this posting. So easy. Even before modern scientists found all the antioxidant, immune boosting properties of fullerenes, 18th century Russian villagers were savvy about using water purified with Shungite, they drank it, bathed in it, cooked with it and used it topically as part of a healing treatment for small wounds and burns, insect bites, to help clear up rashes and other skin problems, and to ease aches and pains. 
  2. There are super convenient small Shungite devices that can be used on your cell phones and other electrical devices that help to naturally attenuate harmful EMFs. They are like little stone stickers you simply stick to the back of your electronics that absorb and neutralize EMFs emitted from small electrical device, adding greater protection for you.
  3. I like to keep a good size piece of Shungite like these Shungite pyramids  by every large electrical device ( like the TV, computers, microwave, surge protecters, etc ) in my home and office. You can place your Shungite stone between where you are sitting and your larger electrical devices. The Shungite will not interfere with the functioning of your device, it simply protects you from the EMFs.
  4. Yet another way to have continuous personal EMF protection is to wear a Shungite pendant or Shungite bracelet throughout your day. Shungite jewelry comes in a variety of different designs and styles. Many people have reported a decrease in headaches, anxiety and fatigue while wearing Shungite.
How to make Shungite Water:
Using Shungite to purify, energize and mineralize water is both inexpensive and super easy to do. The best type of Shungite to use for water purifying is "Elite" or "Noble" Shungite ( "Black" Shungite has a smaller amount of fullerenes contained in the stones but will still work for this purpose ) Also the first time you make immune boosting Shungite water you may need to gently boil the stones in a bit of water, uncovered, for about 30 minutes ( please don't use soap ) to remove any black residue they have from being processed. Drain and Rinse and your stones are ready to use.
  1. Place about 7 ounces of clean Elite Shungite stones ( either loose or secured in a small cheesecloth bag) in about one liter of water in either a glass, ceramic or enamel container
  2. Allow the clean Elite Shungite stones to sit in the water overnight or, for maximum potency, up to three days. And that's it! Your Shungite water is ready for use
    Some sediment may be in the water but just know that this is normal and harmless, simply let it settle down before you pour
      You can refill the Shungite water container with fresh water when it gets low. I like to rotate 3 different 1 liter glass bottles purifying water with Shungite so that I always have the best water at all times. Elite Shungite stones will last indefinitely, making this a highly economical, potable and practical way to treat water and boost protection. For maintenance, simply rinse the stones in running water ( no soap ) about once a month and return them to your water treatment container. Some people like to charge their Shungite stones in the sun for a couple hours after each monthly rinsing.
        I hope you find this article helpful as you and your loved ones find ways to boost your immunity and navigate the unique terrain of these unprecedented times. May you find answers, may you find strength.....
        and as always, may you THRIVE,
        Aleli Estrada from
        this article is for educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose or treat any particular medical condition. Your health choices are in your hands. For medical advice or to address your specific needs, consult your trusted healthcare professional
        Share with us in the comments YOUR experiences of using Shungite. We'd love to know, what have you discovered about the benefits of Shungite?

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