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I've often marveled at how precious water is to our existence. And although precious water is our body's 2nd most important nutrient ( the 1st most important being oxygen ), many people rarely give it the place, beautiful treatment and acknowledgement it deserves within their daily experience. You might remember hearing in grade school how your body, just like the planet's surface, is made up of 60- 70% water. Water really IS life. Many years ago, while pregnant with my third child, I had the joy of sitting in deep conversations with Deanna Delong, author of the water benefits reference...

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Want to hear a hilariously weird paradox? One of the keys to alertness and vibrant energy is deep relaxation! Yes, you heard it right, to do more, do less. It may sound strange to anyone who is trapped in the cycle of endless doing, grinding, hectic modern living and "efforting" to hear that relaxation brings boundless energy but...... Lets really think about this for a moment..... to unlock energy and great personal potentials one has to SURRENDER the WASTE of energy that is tension/anger, pain, fear, resistance , etc in order to unblock the infinite stream of free flowing energy...

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