Want more Energy?..... RELAX

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Want more Energy?..... RELAX

Want to hear a hilariously weird paradox?
One of the keys to alertness and vibrant energy is deep relaxation! Yes, you heard it right, to do more, do less.
It may sound strange to anyone who is trapped in the cycle of endless doing, grinding, hectic modern living and "efforting" to hear that relaxation brings boundless energy but...... Lets really think about this for a moment..... to unlock energy and great personal potentials one has to SURRENDER the WASTE of energy that is tension/anger, pain, fear, resistance , etc in order to unblock the infinite stream of free flowing energy that is the natural order inherent in the body and even in the grand cosmic scheme of things. ENERGY FLOWS infinitely through the cosmos and.... guess what... it flows INFINITELY through YOU too! It flows through every cell, organ, process and aspect of your being all day every day. Now it may start to make a bit more sense... do less of what wastes or rather blocks your energy so that you can do more of what feeds your authentic design and flow.
Its true that answers come to a relaxed nourished mind and spirit and that energy flows through a relaxed nourished body. ( We'll talk more about deep nourishment in another blog post soon).
Like a great dancer, the most powerful and dynamic movement comes from a body and being that has first been deeply stretched, relaxed to its fullest capacity, and then gently challenged to relax into even deeper reaches beyond and through its previously believed limits. These simple truths have all sorts of implications for a life well lived.
 At this point you might be wondering about what practical tools you can actually use in your everyday life for unlocking your great flow of wellness and vitality. You can relax here too, we've got some favorite powerful relaxation energy tools to share with you that you can add to and use in your own personal Relaxation Station right now.
Our Relaxation PRO TIPS:
One of the simplest, yet most effective daily practices we've found is to take a 15 - 45 minute power stretching break once or twice a day. Its a simple, pleasurable and infinitely useful habit with potentially great returns.
The more time you can invest in this the better, but just 15 minutes with these potent tools combined can do wonders.
To bring these sessions to a whole new level, our favorite trinity of relaxation allies to include in with your stretching are taking a dose of high quality organic CBD oil from ThoughtCloud ( 15-20 minutes before stretching )   stretching your body fully while deep breathing and listening to deeply relaxing Subliminal Message soundtracks, and bringing your tissues, nerves and structures to the deepest stretch, repair and relaxation state possible by massaging any places of residual tension or resistance with In The Deep Muscle Rub ( temporarily out of stock )  from Anima Botanica 
SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES: Our subconscious mind comprises as much as ninety percent of the stimulus for our behavioral and therefor physical patterning. Subliminal messages are an effective powerful way to access the subconscious mind while bypassing our critical awareness and logical reasoning that may contain possible limiting beliefs we tend to carry within our deeper psyches. They contain a series of positive affirmations, suggestions and imagery layered just beneath our conscious perception. 
One of the very best full being relaxation subliminal we've found is from Ataraxy Subliminals. You can begin to positively impact your emotion, mental and physical state in the next 15 minutes by listening to the subliminal track 3 or more times (with headphones) in the link below right now.
It just sounds like falling rain, but the subconscious mind picks up on and responds to the positive deep relaxation messages layered just underneath the raindrops soundtrack. Best part is its a no cost way to access the part of yourself that tells your body how to feel! You can give it a try for yourself with this link:
High Quality CBD OIL: 
CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and contains natural and health promoting chemicals known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids may bind to receptors in the brain to help relieve symptoms of pain, anxiety, muscle tension, depression, stress and sleeplessness at the cellular level, among the many other conditions they help treat. (There are so many benefits to using CBD oil that we'll be writing a post just about that. )
ThoughtCloud all organic, sustainably harvested and Reiki infused full spectrum CBD oils and products are the very best we've found ( and we have looked far and wide! )! CBD oil has helped many people feel comfortable in their own skin again, by supporting a better mind body spirit connection through the lifting of pain, mood disorders, muscular resistance and the like.
You'll find a good variety of CBD oil blends from ThoughtCloud, including a formula for pets, one for sleep and pain and even blends that are extra strength, by clicking this link Pure organic CBD Oil
 IN THE DEEP Herbal Muscle Rub:
 ( due to covid 19, In the Deep is temporarily out of stock until supply lines are renewed )
To bring your stretching to the ultimate place of relaxation as you realign your energy channels, body and being, massaging yourself with In The Deep muscle rub ( temporarily out of stock  ) is the way to go. You can pick up up a fresh jar or two for home, office and gym at the link above.
In The Deep herbal Muscle Rub from Anima Botanica ( Anima-Botanica.com ) is a high performance organic, Reiki infused muscle rub beloved by top athletes and achy elders alike. Its unique, ultra effective formula includes a soothing and deep penetrating, harmonic blend of herbs, oils and extracts revered by healers for centuries for their ability to help repair, reconnect, support and soothe nerves, tissue, muscles, ligaments and bones. Its most likely different than any other muscle rub you've ever tried and gives more benefits to body tissues the more it is used. It's great to use post work out too. ( if you're super committed to your highest wellbeing, you can follow this all up with a hot soaky herbal Ceremonial Bath Soak from Anima-Botanica.com as well ! )  ( this is temporarily out of stock due to covid 19 supply line issues )
Our winning combination in review:
1. Choose to Relax and Deep Breathe into your body's deepest Stretch
2. Accompany your stretching with high quality, supportive Subliminal Messages
3. Incorporate organic CBD Oil (15-20 minutes before stretching)
4. Advance your relaxing stretching sessions with the best Herbal Muscle Rub
You'll sleep like a baby after all this pampering self care... And you know what?.... You deserve it! We all deserve to be at our best. These subliminal and herbal remedies have been huge supports in our own experience. We hope you find the combinations of tools, habits and allies that work just right for you. Wishing you great success, expansion and new heights of energy for your life's journey as you naturally level up your relaxation and energy game now and in the years to come.
Blessings for Vibrant Health, and as always THRIVE,
Aleli Estrada
Herbalist Teacher Guide
*** special photo credits and thanks to photographer Malakai Duke for the use of Starry Night cover photo  ***

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