Kiss Bliss LipMelt

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As you glide on this silky smooth lip melt you'll notice how kissable your lips feel. Kiss Bliss Lip Melt  is a super soft lip treat that has drops of real herb infused honey that help to smooth and soften chapped lips naturally. Made with a special blend of organic, Reiki infused herbs, oils and natural waxes, Kiss Bliss is designed to delight and gently heal rough lips. The more you use it, the smoother lips become. We like to have a tube of this divine, super soft and shiny lip balm in every purse, bag, makeup kit and office drawer for the most convenient and sensual lip care imaginable. Treat yourself and your beloved to the gift of naturally kissable lips.


  • frosted recycled plastic tube
  • Organic, natural ingredients
  • No chemicals
  • Old World Secrets. New World Technology
  • Clean enough to eat, but made for topical only
  • Handcrafted with Love in a high vibrational crystal grid
  • Special Skin Nourishing Herbal Formula, crafted by our Master Herbalist
  • Reiki infused in a sacred mountain Apothecary