Anima Botanica All One Salve

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Anima Botanica's Original ALL ONE Salve is an amazing multi purpose skin loving treatment that has been used for everything from first aid of wounds, bruises, hot spots, chapped lips, bites, stings, chaffing and rashes to burns and especially tattoo care.

With its special all natural, organic botanical formula of premier skin regenerating, soothing and protective herbs like comfrey, dandelion, violet leaf, plantain, lavender, chickweed and more ALL ONE salve should be in every purse, gym bag, medicine cabinet, night stand, tattoo parlor, preschool, office and glove box! Some people even use it on their pets hot spots with great success!

This amazing green goop is the stuff everybody swear's by. Wholesome, effective and all natural... Anima Botanica's All One Salve has got you covered.


  • Multi Purpose 
  • 2oz or 1 oz size amber glass apothecary jars
  • Organic Ingredients. Clean skincare technology
  • Old World Secrets. New World Technology
  • Handcrafted with LOVE in a high vibrational crystal grid
  • High Perfomance
  • Effective Relief
  •  Optimal Tattoo Care
  •  Bruises
  •  Bites and Stings
  •  Natural Wound Care
  • Chapped Lips
  •  Chaffed Skin
  •  Rashes
  •  Hot spots
  •  Even great on Pets
  • Restorative and Protective
  • Specially Formulated by our Master Herbalist
  • Reiki Infused in a sacred mountain Apothecary
  • Herbal Alchemy