In The Deep Muscle Rub

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In The Deep Muscle Rub is a must have, deep penetrating, head to toe herbal body rub specially formulated with a soothing alchemical blend of herbs and oils used throughout history to bring relief from aches, tension, some types of headaches and for the repair of deep tissue, muscle, ligament, tendon and even bone damage.

This wonderful body treatment is a favorite of many top athletes, massage therapists and active people who swear by its ability to bring deep relief and restoration. It's been successfully used by many individuals with a wide array of joint, muscle and deep tissue needs. Many ladies also use it as a deep comfort balm for crampy, achey times. It brings a sweet, soothing relief. We think every body should have at least one jar of In the Deep Muscle Rub in their self care kit! Its that great!


  • 2 conveinient sizes : 2oz or 1 oz size amber glass apothecary jars
  • Organic Ingredients. Clean bodycare 
  • Old World Wisdoms. New World Technology
  • Handcrafted with LOVE in a high vibrational crystal grid
  • High Perfomance
  • Great for Muscles, Joints, Tendons, Ligaments, Tissues, Bones
  • Effective Deep Soothing Relief
  • Specially Formulated by our Master Herbalist
  • Reiki Infused ina sacred mountain Apothecary
  • Herbal Alchemy