The Body Back Buddy Multi-Massage Tool + Rhino Pro Myofascial Release Ball Set

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Need a helping hand? 

The Body Back Buddy has got your back

This therapeutic massage, myofascial release set is simply the most effective trigger point therapy and massage tool you can have.

This is the one everyone is raving about!

Reduce pain and tension. Release the stress.


  • The Body Back Buddy full-body massager and Rhino Pro acupressure massage ball
  • Calms painful muscle knots and aches in your back, neck, shoulders, and more with a few easy moves
  • Effective pressure point therapy eases tension headaches and sore muscles & helps athletes recover
  • The Body Back Buddy has 11 massage points to reach and treat muscle pain in the entire body
  • The Rhino Pro is perfect for rolling out tense muscles in the feet and legs

Created by: Body Back Company

 This popular design reflects years of feedback from massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists.

With 11 uniquely positioned therapy knobs, you can reach any muscle to release it out of contraction or massage it to keep it pliable, which helps reduce muscle injury.

Stimulating blood flow to muscles also generates oxygen and nutrients. This aids in faster muscle recovery.

Engineered to be lightweight, strong, and easy to maneuver around every area of your body. Specially constructed multipurpose handles offer full control when navigating the tool around your body and the therapy knobs can compress deep into the muscles to aid in trigger point release.

Keep the Body Back Buddy by your bedside, in your office or bring it to the gym to help keep muscles relaxed, out of the pain cycle, and help prevent injury.

---Overall length is 26.5"--- Comes with a free 16 page instruction booklet and link to download an instructional PDF.


The RhinoPro balls are very effective in releasing muscle tension and relaxing tight muscles. Roller massage ball therapy is a popular method in helping to release trigger points.

Contracted muscles relax more quickly when they are massaged and rolling therapy is very effective in helping them release.

The RhinoPro's hundreds of therapy cones help work deeply into the muscle to help them relax more quickly. Simply roll the ball under your feet, in between your hands or over any of your body that has tension. Use it on yourself or a partner.

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Package Dimensions: 26.7 x 16.3 x 3.0 inches