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Do you feel the call to work with the medicine and magic of plants? Have you been wanting to simply know more about practical, natural  ways you can keep yourself and loved ones well?  Or have you just always wanted to study herbs with respected, renown herbalist, Aleli Estrada?

Imagine being able to learn practical herbalism from the very best at your own pace from anywhere in the world!

One precious life, no regrets! Now is the time to listen to your own inner knowing, to answer that call to study herbalism and sign up for this amazing online course opening worldwide December 25, 2019 from the Anima Botanica School of Harmonic Herbalism!

What a wonderful way to give yourself and your loved ones the gift of health in the New Year!

This is the kind of course that most people think of when they are wanting to get into all things herbal and natural... and its the kind of course most herbalists wish they had when they began their path of herbalism!


In this comprehensive 10 week online herbal studies course, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips to understand herbal healing ways that will open your entire relationship with plants, the natural world, your body, mind and spirit. 

This course has condensed many of the best elements of the beloved FUNdamentals of Herbalism Course into an easy to navigate, informative yet simple to understand, convenient online format. With renown herbalist and teacher Aleli Estrada as your guide you'll learn at your own pace all about traditions in herbalism, the various paths of medicine, specific potent healing properties of plants and practical plant medicine making techniques which will give you a solid framework for navigating your own healing journey, that of your loved ones and those in your care.

In this illuminating course, you'll have the opportunity to dive into highly useful and effective techniques of herbal medicine making as well as the materia medica, materia magicka, herbal folklore, the unique lens of Harmonic Herbalism and the conscious collection, harvesting, storing and ritual use of some of the most useful and potent herbs known to humankind.

One of the world's most trusted herbalists and teachers,  Aleli, brings this carefully selected collection of herbs to life for you through her storytelling, downloadable recipes and herbal technique videos that you can watch again and again until you've soaked up everything you need to know. You get the benefit of her deep sharing of diverse plant wisdoms from her own 27+ years of deep journey and relationship with the healing, energetic and plant kin-dom..

Walking your next steps on a sacred path into the rhythms, ways and soul of nature and practical wellness. Its a treasure trove of truly useful information you can use in your everyday life.

  • Practical Herbal Medicine Making Techniques
  • Potent Plant Wisdoms
  • Herbal Folklore
  • Cultivation and Harvesting of Some Very Useful Plants
  • Key Plant Chemistry Constituents
  • Effects of Plants on Tissue States and various Conditions
  • Herbal Plant Energetics
  • Wonderful Herbal Recipes
  • Be part of our private Facebook online Community
  •  ..... and so much more



This enjoyable course makes it all so easy. You can build yourself up from this solid foundation.

Upon your completion of taking the online course, passing the simple online quizzes, submitting ( and review of ) a simple graduation essay and 5 photographs proving you've completed certain assignments you'll receive a lovely signed Certificate of Completion with your name from the Anima Botanica School of Harmonic Herbalism. This beautiful wax stamped, frameable certificate can be mailed to you, upon your request after graduating this life changing course.


This marvelous course is normally priced at $633, and worth every penny.... but from now through Cyber Monday only on December 2nd, 2019 you can take advantage of this amazing EARLY BIRD SPECIAL at your special price of $333 for the entire course!!! This saves you so much money in achieving a healthier you and is THE way to start the New Year off right at the very best price!

*refund policy :  We know you will gain so much from your enrollment and participation in this practical course. We are fully committed to bringing our students the VERY BEST in herbal education so our students can relax into committing themselves completely to this journey of exploration, discovery and well-being. In fact, we are so confident in the strength of our comprehensive online herbal studies course that we off a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We just know you'll benefit so much from taking this course and completing it at your own pace.

There is no refund for individuals wisely completing the course through certification. ( reminder: all course content is protected by copywrite law and available for individual private use only )



This comprehensive 10 week course (currently available in English) is one of those events you'll for sure want to be a part of! All the information you'll need to join in this transformation of wellness and personal empowerment now is in your next steps to sign up:

You can join in all the learning fun and sign up now easily by messaging us here at animabotanicalove@gmail.com with:

+ Your Full Name

+ Your Contact Info ( Your EMAIL and mailing ADDRESS. Be sure to ALSO ADD YOUR EMAIL to our MAILING LIST at anima-botanica.com too)

+ And by making your full EARLY BIRD payment here 

+ You can tell us a bit about your interest in herbalism too if you'd like. We love getting to know our students!

Your payment and email address secures your spot in the course. Once you're signed up, you'll receive an email as the course series approaches with online course link details arriving in your email inbox.* If you have any further questions about your enrollment, simply message us here.

It's that simple! You did it! You've signed yourself up for a journey into wellness and personal growth that will serve you well for years to come!



We here at Anima Botanica School of Harmonic Herbalism believe in your infinite potential. It is from this love and deep trust in the highest nature of all members of the family of life to be responsible stewards of our beautiful planet home and all life within it that these courses are created. We create a kind container for all of our classes, events and workshops as we've come to see that answers come to a relaxed mind. We are so looking forward to meeting you and embracing your experience and personal growth with respect, love and a sense of adventure into your next great steps in the world. Wishing you the very best on your journey into wholeness....and as always, THRIVE!