Holy Smokes by Anima Botanica ~ 5 pack

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Holy Smokes! These are good!

Holy Smokes ( lovingly hand rolled in organic hemp paper and charged in a crystal grid ) are both herbal smudge sticks and or a mellow incense and or a healthy smoke alternative, depending on how you use them... Filled with a synergistic blend of organic herbs known for healing the lungs ( yes, even when smoked! ), shamanic protection from parasitic entities, creating mild euphoria, creative flow, lucid and prophetic dreaming and positive movement of chi.

These herbal goodies come in a pack of 5 and are overnight faves already with everyone who has tried them! They're amazing! 

5 pack includes 5 Holy Smokes in a box ( no other items in the photos are included )

Some people use these harmonically formulated  Holy Smokes as shamanic smudge sticks to clear negative or parasitic energy for ritual spaces, blessing the space as they go. Others use their Holy Smokes as a mellow, gently aromatic incense stick. Yet other people choose to smoke them for their MANY herbal benefits! They're made with herbs like mullein and mugwort, rose petals and damiana, among others that are historically known for actually HEALING the lungs, being anti-parasitic, shamanically protective, creativity enhancing and herbs that have naturally mild euphoric properties while promoting prophetic/ lucid dreaming. Basically, they are heavenly!


"As a mixed blood Afro-Cuban-Taino woman and herbalist it's sort of one of my birthrights to roll cigars/ smokes, hahaha. However, tobacco is not everyone's medicine. In fact this country hasn't quite figured out how to use tobacco in a sacred or healthy way just yet.

Its such a pleasure for me to offer a synergistic herbal blend that is not based on tobacco or cannabis, but is soothing, energetically fortifying and a bridge to healthier living for those struggling with their relationship to their lungs, their spirit and their body."

- Aleli Estrada

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Small fresh magical harmonic batches made with lots of love rolling out now❤🌿


TESTAMONIALS for Holy Smokes:

"I have been a smoker most of my 56 yrs.  I got a pack of Holy Smokes and HOLY SMOKES!  They gave me the calming relaxing feeling and they are so good I didn't crave the nicotine... They are really flavorful!  I am taking them to share at work... If you are trying to quite cigarettes and want a healthier option try these.  As a cigarette smoker I am sharing with you that you will absolutely love them! "  -Marina G.