About Us

Anima Botanica Founder and Creatrix, Herbalist, Teacher, Guide, Aleli Estrada

We love Life. Everything we do at Anima Botanica is dedicated to honoring the harmony, soul and true nature of the whole being, of the plants and of the planet through our illuminating educational offerings and divine products.

Our body-mind-spirit holistic wellness and harmonic herbalism courses and immersion experiences are dedicated to reawakening the magic of harmony within the soul of true nature. Bringing ancient future well-being into focus now.


 The Anima Botanica School of Harmonic Herbalism courses weave together wisdoms, folklore and techniques from the world's healing traditions along with the most up to date, useful modern research on plant chemistry, health and holistic care in wellness to offer students and apprentices a powerful toolkit for bringing personal wholeness and the best of herbal medicine home in practical, down to earth and oh so fun ways. There is sure to be a course for you in your own journey.

Anima Botanica is passionate about and devoted to offering you and the world natural and elegant allies in body mind spirit whole being wellness.

Plants have a code. Evolved beings have a code. We harmonize every drop of advanced botanical encryption that is lovingly held in each eco-friendly vessel of Anima Botanica original handcrafted, reiki infused, organic herbal master blends.

Due to our commitment to harmony, a portion of proceeds from the sale of Anima Botanica ALL ONE Salve goes to supporting the recovery of precious TREES and BEES globally.

 This unwavering, soulful devotion to the holistic highest expression of well-being is our sacred mission. It is our honor and pleasure to serve in this way.