About Us


We love Life. Everything we do at Anima Botanica is dedicated to honoring the harmony, soul and true nature of your whole being, of the plants and of the planet through our illuminating educational offerings and divine products.

Our body-mind-spirit holistic wellness products, courses and services are dedicated to reawakening and empowering vitality, greatest potential and harmony within and without. 


 The Anima Botanica courses weave together current and traditional wisdoms, practices and modalities from the world's most potent holistic wellness care and higher consciousness teachings. There is sure to be a course for you in your own journey.

Anima Botanica is passionate about and devoted to offering elegant allies in body mind spirit whole being.

Due to our commitment to harmony, a portion of proceeds from the sales at Anima Botanica goes to supporting the recovery of precious TREES and BEES on our planet.

 It is our honor and pleasure to serve in this way.