Here's what others are saying about Anima Botanica School of Harmonic Herbalism Courses:


"After years of on again off again studies  I decided I needed to get my head out of the books and step up and out.  I first met Aleli the year before at another event, I wasn’t aware of her immense knowledge of plant/herbal medicine, yet something in her presence was commanding and graceful alluding to the wise woman.  A year later I saw she was giving a summer course at he wonderful Food Forest at Claremont College.  I felt/knew this was the person who was going to take me to the next level. I drove crazy miles to attend her course, this was a small investment with  a great return. Her extensive knowledge sets a foundation for learning, the stories and experiences allows for intuitive exploration.   Aleli  was the  spark I was looking to ignite the next level of learning. " 

-Peggy Steevensz, Herbalist and Creator of Almost Naked


"I have always been interested in herbal healing but never knew where to start or where to get the most reliable information. Luckily I was introduced to Aleli and I was thrilled to take one of her herbalism workshops. Aleli explained the traditions and benefits of herbal wellness. She gave me detailed info about which plants, herbs and oils to keep in my medicine cabinet/pantry. I learned how to make soothing salves.  Her "All One Salve" is a magical and truly healing salve that I carry around with me in my purse and I have a jar of it at home as well. I have used it on burns,scrapes,cuts and bruises . It works like a charm!  Aleli has also taught me more about how to safely consume and use herbs in tea and broths. I look forward to expanding my health and wellness knowledge with Aleli." 

- Nancy P, Aerialist



"I had the opportunity to attend one of Aleli’s workshops.  She is the real deal as an herbalist... Aleli has been practicing her entire life. You don’t choose this, the Spirits choose you…and she is as authentic as they get.
Her connection to the spiritual world is strong and intense…her herbal knowledge runs deep and lifelong…her wisdom is ancient and wise.

Aleli has the ability to “see me”- She has helped guide me through a difficult and challenging time, she has been a strong spirit guide in addition to being a beautiful woman inside and out. I can sincerely recommend Aleli and her workshops to be of the highest quality and authenticity. I am honored to know her and to have had the opportunity to work with her."
 - Holly H.-Ventura, CA


“My heart is full and my spirit nourished after finishing the Anima Botanica apprenticeship! I found Aleli’s teachings through a desire to deepen my knowledge of plants. I can attest that I have not only deepened my knowledge of plants but I myself have been profoundly renewed from her teachings.

This course wasn’t just about learning the medicinal constituents of various plants, this was an incredibly enriching experience in the journey of my own healing. From which, I now feel more aligned with my path and my time on this Earth than ever before... Aleli creates a safe and loving space to learn, play and be curious as she encourages ones own discoveries. She guides and ignites the healer within while eloquently laying the foundation of what it means to know the plants in their true mystery, magic and medicinal uses... Aleli’s knowledge is vast with years of experience and is beautifully grounded in ancient wisdom... She teaches with grace, humility and radiance, to which one cannot help but feel joyful and held in her presence. I am always entranced by the passion and spark seen in Aleli’s eyes as she talks about the plants and how they’ve taught her; it is not hard to see that she is truly in love and in devotion to Mother Earth. This course bridged the gaps in various traditions of medicine with not only providing the plant’s scientific uses but also the spiritual and energetic healing elements; a balance that I found to otherwise be missing from modern day herbal courses.

 The otherwise tricky and complex herbal preparations were made easy and fun  with Aleli’s guidance. Relationships with plants were built and a step through the door into the miraculous world of green healing forever changed my relationship with myself. I am infinitely grateful to Aleli for her dedication and support in making this journey available. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring me to listen/move deeper into my... healing power and medicine makings...Blessings to all who enroll themselves into the magic of Anima Botanica courses and heed the call of the plants beckoning them inward. I am tremendously grateful and honored I did. May you fall in love with these teachings, the plants, the Earth-your home, and yourself, just as I have.”

~Laura Croyt, Herbalist, Medicine maker, Hip shaker, Student, Kitchen Witch.


"Meeting Aleli and taking her workshops has been such an amazing and beautiful experience. I had the privilege of taking a couple of workshops last year and each one was a very unique and knowledgeable experience. I would highly recommend classes to anyone who is interested in exploring herbalism."

- Rachel H


 "Wise woman Aleli holds a treasure trove of knowledge which she happily and lovingly shares with her students.  Her connection and love of the earth and the plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms, as well as the various realms is authentic, honoring all with genuine kindness and respect. Learning from her is fun and inspiring, as she brings all of herself, her enthusiasm, her wisdom, her wit, and her years of experience into every lesson without overwhelming her students with too much information.  Her approach is one of simplicity, and she encourages and supports her students no matter where they are in their journey. Aleli is a loving mother, an inspiring teacher and an exceptional human being.  I highly recommend her and any and all of her offerings.

 Florencia Abergel, a.k.a "Miss Flower", Sacred Feminine Experience facilitator and Red Tent hostess


A Note to Aleli from a former student:

"Thank you,.. I loved going to your classes. There was always something new and interesting to learn.

You are such a beautiful, kind and wise woman and teacher. I'm happy I've had the opportunity to meet such a lovely human being." - Lissette A