What Others Are Saying About ALL ONE SALVE



"All One Salve is a magical and truly healing salve that I carry around with me in my purse and I have a jar of it at home as well. I have used it on burns, scrapes, cuts and bruises . It works like a charm!" - Nancy P.


" I LOVE this stuff! My daughter's rashes and chapped skin were causing us grief for so long. Even the prescription creams the doctors were suggesting didn't help. But your All One Salve started clearing the worst face rash she'd had within the first two days of using it. It's a total Godsend in our household! Thanks! ... Oh yeah, and we use it for practically everything else now too, haha. It's really great ❤ " - Lori B.


"Thank you again for the All One I received back in October. It’s been super helpful for all kinds of things. But more recently, it helped my 86 year old grandma. She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and spent lots of time in the hospital. She ended up with awful sores on her bottom lip while there. Last night, I asked her if she’d try the All One (which I brought, of course) and by this morning, her lip is almost completely healed!!! She’s been dealing with it for weeks!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Jessica G.


"It's on another level of amazing!" T. Henders


" I don't know if you all know this yet, but All One Salve is THE BEST thing I've ever used on my tattoos! I just got a new one and thought, what the heck, let me try this stuff on it. It was perfect and felt really great. I've got my tattoo artist friend swearing by it now too cause he says it makes the perfect protective layer and is healing and keeps the color crisp. Thanks for making this stuff. I'm a forever fan!" - Marc M.


" I know ALL ONE Salve does like a million other things but I just wanted to share how much it's helped my chapped lips. I get awful chapped lips with cold sores ever year that split and crack and bleed. I dread every winter cause I know its going to hurt. I got hooked on All One Salve this year cause it fixed my lips like almost overnight! I can't believe how good it works. Everything is all healed and my lips feel a thousand times better! All One is my only lip treatment now. I love it!" - Heather G.


"We get so many nasty spider bites in the country side where we live this time of year. All One Salve helps sooo much! Like I can feel it taking all the badness out of the bumps, if that makes any sense. Anyway, couldn't live in the country without it! It's total magic! I started making my husband carry it in the truck everywhere he goes. He loves it too ( he's always getting cuts and bruises ). It's great stuff " - Bonnie L.


" Love ALL ONE " - Carrie K.


" I'm not one to write reviews or write to companies, but  I had to share that we stopped using Neosporin, chapstick and hand salve in our house since we discovered All One Salve. It's so versatile and really works. I'm glad such a thing exists. It's going to help a lot of people. Keep up the good work "              - Tom W


" I was attacked by a dog a few weeks ago and gifted a jar of All One Salve. I'm so glad I decided to use it on my wounds. I was afraid since they were so deep. But the All One Salve helped heal everything up super fast and I can't believe how there's almost no scarring! I'm going to keep using it since the scars are shrinking and softening every time I do. It's a miracle I'm almost completely scar free after that! Just wanted to let you know, it's helped me so much." - R. Bella


" Thanks to whoever created Alliced One Salve! Kudos. It's so wonderful!" Jamie R.


" I don't normally like using salves, but this one works soo good! My boyfriend even steals some from my purse sometimes to use on his crusty mechanic hands after work ( he doesn't think I noticed  LOL ). All One Salve forever!" - Lisa W.


" I've used ALL One Salve on my puppy's hotspots. It worked so great when nothing else would! I love this stuff. We use it for everything around here!" - Ali L.


 "The world should know about this stuff! All One Salve is next level!"  - Jason E.


" Had to let you know, ALL One Salve is the bomb balm! I work with fire so I get burned more often than I'd like ( LOL ). I started using ALL One Salve on my burns a few months ago and they healed right up way way fast. Great stuff! So great I just may get myself into more trouble ( LOL ), jk. Keep making this stuff forever, cause now I can't live without it !" - Mike T.


" I'm not sure how this stuff works, I just know it does! So far I've used All One on cuts, a really gross rash, some itchy bites, my chapped lips and a cute little tattoo I just got. It's amazing! I can't wait to see what else I can use it on. It's amazing! It's my new favorite product!" Sarah S.


"I just had to write and tell you how much I love your All One Salve. I'm an athlete so my body goes through it hard on the daily! A friend of mine recommended All One Salve for all my bruises and especially for a funky case of mat rash I had picked up during training season. It. Is. Awesome! I've never had my bruises or a rash heal so fast or so deep before! I'm getting my whole gym turned on to All One Salve now! - Jen N.