Creativity Smoking Blend

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So many people LOVE our Smoking Blends. Each one is formulated with lung healing and soothing herbs along with other marvelous aromatic herbs that make this a perfect incense as well as a favorite herbal blend for mixing with tobacco or cannabis.

The Creativity Smoking Blend is a personal favorite. It includes wonderfully soothing aromatic and shamanic herbs known for lung healing, enhancing safe gentle euphoric, visionary dreaming , protected and lucid states that can aid in increasing a greater sense of flow. 

One of our favorite ways to use this divine magical blend is to burn it in whichever room creative work is being done within... then just let the ideas flow free. Sometimes we even brew it into a lovely "creation station" tea ( using about 1 TBLSP blend to 1 cup boiling hot water brewed for 15 minutes then strained )