Sri Yantra Sacred Geometry Mandala - Meditation Wall Art 12"

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 Whether displayed on a wall or used as a centerpiece, meditation focal point or crystal grid, this beautiful Sri Yantra sacred geometry Mandala brings the beauty and vibration of any space to which it is added up to its highest level.

 Yantras are a form of Sacred Geometry, ancient technology that work on a quantum level and act as tuning that constantly transform/ attune the energy around to be in resonance with selves.

Meditation on Yantras increases its effects. Modern science has proven that the Universe is built on vibrations of quantum particle waves. Every vibrational frequency has a form, a shape that it is represented by in a physical reality. Same as quantum particles vibrating at certain frequencies arrange themselves into physical forms, forms shaped in a certain way in physical world start arranging/ transforming the quantum particles in space around it. This basic principle has been applied for 1000s of years by Chinese in Feng Shui, as well as Incas, Egyptians, Aztecs, Atlanteans, and others using Sacred symbols in their culture in daily life and ceremonies. Rothschilds, Rockefellers royal families, secret societies Illuminati & Freemasons are no exception and use that knowledge proficiently.

These symbols are simple yet powerful geometrical shapes (triangles, squares, circles, lines, n-gons, petals) that can be arranged into the most complex and stunning aesthetic works of art that also carry significant energetic imprints behind that beauty.

Sri Yantra aka the mother of all Yantras represents the UNIVERSE on a Macrocosmic level and human body on a Microcosmic level. Feminine & masculine, Shakti (DESIRE) & Shiva (MANIFESTATION), Antimatter (THOUGHT) & matter (MANIFESTED thought). Its energy signature resonates perfect harmony and balance all around it bringing every particle in space and every cell in he human body to order. Whereas HAPPINESS, GOOD FORTUNE, PROSPERITY & ABUNDANCE are the result of those. Sri Yantra creates prosperous situations for the human to realize oneself as the Creator of one's own reality through connection with one's Highest Self - the Spirit of a human Soul, that which is the pure emanation of its own unique creative vibrational frequency.




  • Made from pure Brass (alloy of Copper and Zinc) by ZenVizion. An alloy used for 1000s of years to create musical instruments and bells due to its energetic properties
  • Accelerates opening of energy centers (especially higher chakras: Sahasrara, Ajna, Visuddha, Anahata) and third eye (pineal gland). Helps awake awareness of the creative life force energy within
  • Visual expression of the sound of OM. Used for meditation which leads yogi towards attainment of samadhi state of consciousness - the superconscious bliss
  • Helps in attaining Wishes and Desires. Protects home from negative energy and harmonizes space. Creates healthy energy environment
  • Represents forces that shape all forms in the Universe. 12000 yrs old symbol. Abode of Maha Laxmi (Lakshmi) - Hindu Goddess of Wealth, Good Fortune, Prosperity, and Abundance

Package Dimensions: 13.2 x 0.4 x 0.3 inches