Holy Frankincense Pure Resin - organic

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Holy Frankincense Resin has been used for millenia as one of the most valuable ancient mystic incenses used to sanctify holy spaces and help mystics and seekers to reach deep meditative states.

This classic shamanic and medicinal plant resin comes from the sacred Boswellia sacra tree and has at various times throughout history  been worth more than its weight in gold.

Frankincense has been thought to possess magical powers and hold the ability to improve communication with the Creator in  Middle Eastern culture for thousands of years before it was made a gift to the Christ child by the Magi. There are dozens references to it in ancient Egyptian records and in the Judeo- Christian Bible.


Burning Holy Frankincense Resin is said to:

  • Sanctify spaces for ritual and ceremony
  • Cleanse negativity and low vibrations
  • Elevate the spirit
  • Protect 
  • Open meditative states of consciousness
  • Make a good burnt offering to many benevolent spirits
  • Detoxify airborne pathogens

 This listing is for one small corked glass potion bottle of organic Holy Frankincense Resin. ( to be burned on charcoal disks in a fire proof burner or dish, which can also be found in our shop )