Sacred Limpias - Spiritual Cleansings in LA County

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These Sacred herbal Limpias, or Spiritual Cleansings are a powerful way to reset your BODY, your MIND your SPIRIT and your entire energetic circuitry. 

Come back to your body and back to Life.

These wonderful holistic, ancient future Cleansings have been known to bring about significant positive accelerated change through releasing deep and sometimes ancestral baggage and debris from your entire being.

Most people find their Sacred Limpias to be refreshing and illuminating.

In these high potency Limpias, renown Guide, Teacher and Master Herbalist, Aleli Estrada creates a powerful, safe and loving container for you to release all that no longer serves your highest purposes. Carefully selecting power and master plants just for you, she tunes into your deepest needs, blockages, energetic signatures and guides, combining the strength of your spirit team with that of her own unparallelled spirit team to bring into being clear pathways through as your whole system is recalibrated to its highest possible frequency and grounded balance.

Many individuals have experienced pronounced personal and professional transformations following their sacred Limpias with Aleli.

When planning for your spiritual cleansing session, give yourself a full hour for your Sacred Limpias ceremony and be prepared to slow down and go inward for an hour or more afterwards. Many people experience vivid or prophetic dreams following their Limpias, and it is highly recommended that you keep a dream journal or notepad nearby the night of your Limpia to be able to easily capture and recall further spiritual insights that may flow through more powerfully once your blockages are removed.

There is limited availability for these special one on one sessions with Aleli. You must book at least 48 hours prior to your ceremony session ( there are currently no same day bookings on offer ).

 These sacred Limpias are available in person in Los Angeles County, California only. You can book your sacred Limpia with Aleli here. Be sure to book an available time and include your contact info so Aleli can select the ideal setting close to you for your transformative Limpia to have greatest potency.