Sage Sampler Set of 7 Sage Smudge Wands

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This wonderful Sage Sampler Set contains 7 smudge sticks each about 3 - 5 inches in length. If you or someone you love has been wanting to try all the different sages, this is a great place to begin. A gift for anyone who loves good vibes and clear air. There are so many benefits to regular smudging that this set is sure to become a new favorite in the home, office, meditation nook, ashram, temple, car, ceremony, bath tub or conference room. This Sage Sampler Set includes:

1 White Sage Wand: The best known and most popular of all the sages. Used to purify or heal a person or object. Gives of a strong, distinctive rich smoke used to 'wash off' and so cleanse the mind, body or atmosphere. Drives out negative spirits and energy. Promotes healing and spirituality.

1 Blue Sage Wand: A lighter 'fresher' smoke. Used to cleanse negativity and hatred and open the way for healing and calmness and pave the way for spiritual prosperity and health.

1 Cedar Wand: Used for protection. Often used when first moving into a new home to cleanse and remove unwanted spirits and influences.

1 Dragons Blood Wand: A bundle of White Sage infused with Dragon's Blood Resin. Two powerful cleansing and protection items in one stick!

1 Black Sage (Mugwort) Wand : It has a wonderful sweet herbal smell, and can be burned for many cleansing and magical purposes. This is the sage used most in shamanic ceremonies for removing parasitic energies and for performing exorcisms.

1 Yerba Wand: Yerba Santa is grown in the dry hill areas of California and Northern Mexico. This wand has sweet smell which will delight your senses, home, office or any surrounding. A wonderful ceremonial wand to burn for healing, purification, & love.

1 Desert Sage Wand: This smudge is wonderful, powerful, and safe not only for spiritual issues, but excellent for cleansing areas that have entities that have caused negativity and bad energy. These items are handmade so expect some variance in color, type of string, size, etc from batch to batch.


  • An amazing sampler set containing 7 smudge sticks each about 3 - 5 inches in length. Exclusive Materials - Premium Quality
  • White, Black, Blue, Cedar, Dragons Blood, Yerba Santa and Desert Sage Smudge Sticks
  • Great way to sample the 7 Sages at one low price! - The Ultimate Sage Collection

Package Dimensions: 10.0 x 6.0 x 2.0 inches

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