The HEAVEN and EARTH Sacred Third Eye Crystal Rosary Mala - 108 Lapis Lazuli and Faceted Red Jasper Beads

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HEAVEN and EARTH Third Eye Sacred Mala

Heaven meets Earth with this divine meditation tool.

This powerful natural crystal Mala combines the third eye activating strength and beauty of Lapis Lazuli with the grounding manifestation properties of natural Red Jasper.


The Heaven and Earth Third Eye Sacred Mala is the perfect stylish compliment to your meditation space, manifestation work, altar or outfit.

Meditate or "Beditate". Relieve Mental Tension as you Affirm Your Higher Wisdoms.


Item Type: Fine Necklace Mala with Tassle

Material: 108 -8mm Lapis Lazuli, Red Jasper Natural Crystal Beads

Necklace Type: Power Necklaces

Chain Type: Strand

Uses: Prayer, Meditation, Manifestation, Grounding, Third Eye, Inner Journeying,  Optimism, Mantra/Relieve Mental Tension

 *This divine Mala may take 12-20 days to arrive. Please use least expensive shipping method when ordering this item. Blessings.