Transparent Classic Hot Water Bottle

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One of the best ways to deliver all the beneficial properties of moist heat therapy to achy joints, muscles and tissues still comes from our recent past. That's right, the humble, yet classic hot water bottle.

Whether you're looking for soothing comfort, deep muscle relaxation or therapeutic tissue repair, this awesome Fashy Hot Water Bottle has got you covered. Safe, effective, hygienic, virtually odor-free, this modern water bottle goes one step further and is able to withstand both hot and cold water uses!  Fashy Hot Water Bottles are the superior modern application of these ancient methods of physical therapy. Fashy is the name that consumers have come to trust when it comes to the highest quality hot water bottles available. These wonderful, long lasting, sturdy hot water bottles are expertly manufactured with the most advanced thermoplastic materials on the planet that hold up to long term use for years to come. So many of us here at Anima Botanica have had ours for years and years and feel like we can't live without our favorite Fashy's! Such an amazing yet simple creature comfort. ( One favorite use is to slip a hot water bottle under cold bed covers by the foot of the bed about 15 minutes before bed..... mmmmmm, toasty )

 Great for home, gym, health center, nursing home, school, red tent or office. Also great for athletes, coaches, toddlers, families, ladies, active bodies, cold feet, care givers, northerners and the elders.

PS - Every great boyfriend, lover, husband or brother who'd love to be Her favorite person should seriously have one of these at the ready for "that time"....( this kind of heat is the one that hits the spot ) we can practically guarantee she will love you FOREVER! (You're welcome)


  • Holds the heat longer than traditional rubber bottles!
  • Thermoplastic material that is odorless and recyclable
  • Can be used hot or cold
  • Cross-hatched design provides intense heat
  • Made in Germany


Package Dimensions: 12.8 x 6.6 x 1.7 inches